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MVC Bind Attribute like [Bind(Exclude = "Name")] or [Bind(Include = "Address, Payment, EmailID")]

When we have an ASP.NET MVC View that accepts user input and posts those inputs to a server we have the option to use the built-in Model-binding features to provide more control and security, we can restrict the properties that are allowed to be bound automatically.

The name 'Scripts' does not exist in the current context

There is a very small bug in the MVC 4 Empty Template that can be seen when you create a new MVC 4 Application with an "Empty" template and start adding views for CRUD operations (using scaffolding). And when you run the application and try to navigate (to  http://localhost:port/controller/Create  or  http://localhost:port/controller/Edit ) in "Edit.cshtml" and "Create.cshtml" views, you get the following error:

Creating ASP.NET WebApplication/ASP.NET MVC Application Membership Database on SQL Server rather than LocalDb

I was asked this question from one of my blog reader: How can a DB be created in SQL Server rather than locally (LocalDb) which is default?

Using image with HtmlHelpers or @Html.ActionLink

Sometimes we need to serve image with the link and with the release of Razor syntaxes we have HtmlHelpers like Html.ActionLink() that has nothing like image.

Unable to retrieve metadata for 'MusicStore.Models.Album'. Using the same DbCompiledModel to create context against different types of database servers is not supported. Instead, create a separate DbCompiledModel for each type of server being used.

You will get this error in the step by step tutorial (on page here ) provided by Microsoft that starts from here .

Entity Framework Console Applications with SQL Server Compact

Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition is an embedded database system that allows us to integrate it in our Web, Desktop and Mobile applications.

Entity Framework's Database Seed Method

The Entity Framework can automatically create/update/drop databases when the application runs. We can specify that, this should be done every time application runs or only when the model is out of sync with the existing database or in other word it runs whenever model changes. You spent time to insert records in database and when you made any changes in model, Entity Framework deletes your database as well as records.

Mapping Table-Valued Functions (TVFs) using Entity Framework Database First

Entity Framework 5 brings number of improvements and Mapping Table-Valued Functions (TVFs) Support is one of them.

Spatial Data Type Support in Entity Framework 5

Entity Framework 5 brings number of improvements and Spatial Data Type Support is one of them.

TypeScript: JavaScript like Programming Language by Microsoft

Okay, here is a great news, Microsoft has released a developer preview of TypeScript, a new programming language like JavaScript that is translated into JavaScript so that its apps can be run in any browser. In other words, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and you write it like you write JavaScript. And today, I explored it and I am sharing it with you.

Playing with Entity Framework's Code First Database Migration

In this video you will learn how to use Entity Framework's Code First Database Migration. I'll create simple console application and will add 'Student' model and then a DbContext in the project.

Enum Support (EF Designer) in Entity Framework 5

Entity Framework 5 brings number of improvements and Enum Support in EF Designer or Code First is one of them. In this post you will learn it by creating a simple console application then will add EF Designer and will sketch the Model on designer surface. Please note, EF Designer can also be used with the Database First workflow to map to an existing database.

Enum Support (Code First) in Entity Framework 5

Entity Framework 5 brings number of improvements and Enum Support in Code First is one of them.

Normal LINQ Query to Compiled LINQ Query to Auto-Compiled LINQ Queries in Entity Framework 5

Entity Framework 5 brings number of improvements and query performance improvement is one of them. In this article I’ll be talking all on query performances (EF1 to EF5) so that you can understand the improvements better.

Code First Database Migrations in MVC: in Hindi

In this video you will learn how to use Migration feature in MVC Apps. I will create a new MVC Project using Code First Approach and then I will make some changes in model to look at the errors and then will use the Migration feature to migrate/update the database. Video is in Hindi Language.

Using Stored Procedure & Entity Framework in MVC 4 to create CRUD Apps: in Hindi

In this video you will learn how to create CRUD Apps in MVC 4 using Stored Procedure and Entity Framework.

HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found in MVC

The Resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. I saw this error today while working on a MVC Web Project, this is a common error we get while running website and performing any CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation. Stackoverflow is full of such queries so I decided to post the fix here. You might not find it useful for your case but I think majority of requests can be satisfied.

Browse With Option (Set Multiple Defaults) in Visual Studio 2012

In Visual Studio 2012 we got some really exciting new features. And setting multiple defaults to browse with option is one of them. So, watch the video and see how it really works.

The type 'System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'System.Data.Entity, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'

Today, I was developing an web application, I got titled error. I decided to post the fix for this.

Free ebook: Beginning LINQ

A new fashion to write Queries and address the impedance mismatch between programming languages and database. This e-book is based on my series of LINQ posts and I’m just consolidating all blog posts here. Get it Now PDF Version Download Size: 1.10 MB Total Pages: 36 Written  by Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa ( ) and Edited By: Deepak K Gupta .

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