Code First Database Migrations in MVC: in Hindi

In this video you will learn how to use Migration feature in MVC Apps. I will create a new MVC Project using Code First Approach and then I will make some changes in model to look at the errors and then will use the Migration feature to migrate/update the database. Video is in Hindi Language.


  1. Hi Abhi (Abhimanyu) Sir, Its very nice as usual like your all blogs. Its very helpful for me for my learning process. I wanted to know about WCF Sir. Could u help me for this? I don't know about this technology.

  2. Really a wonderful Explanation about Edmx. You had given new tips inside the edmx file.I am really say thanks to you. Your blog and information's are all nice. Wonderful Job.It is Help To Database beginners and developers for each and everyone.

  3. Thank you sir very help full video because it is in Hindi. Thanks a lot!


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