Monthly Blogging Report: October 2012

Consolidating all blog posts monthly are very refreshing as it gives me chance to go back and see what I did in last month and for readers gives the chance to see what he not followed up.

In October 2012 I could write only 19 posts. Please find the details of the same below:

1. Example on View to Controller (HttpPost) & warn on duplicate entry & delete duplicates in MVC on 31 October, 2012
2. JQuery UI Datepicker in MVC 4 Issue on 28 October, 2012
3. Filter Records in MVC on 28 October, 2012
4. Partial View in MVC on 24 October, 2012
5. Html Helper for Image (@Html.Image): Developing Extension in MVC on 23 October, 2012
6. HandleErrorAttribute OR Error Handling in MVC 4 on 22 October, 2012
7. Various ways to pass data from Controller to View in MVC on 19 October, 2012
8. What happens when database doesn't match conventions / using OnModelCreating() feature? on 17 October, 2012
9. MVC Bind Attribute like [Bind(Exclude = "Name")] or [Bind(Include = "Address, Payment, EmailID")] on 16 October, 2012
10. The name 'Scripts' does not exist in the current context on 16 October, 2012
11. Creating ASP.NET WebApplication/ASP.NET MVC Application Membership Database on SQL Server rather than LocalDbon 15 October, 2012
12. Using image with HtmlHelpers or @Html.ActionLink on 15 October, 2012
13. Is it really necessary to remove our original accent (क्या वास्तव में अपने मूल लहजे/स्वर को दूर करने की आवश्यकता है)? on 13 October, 2012
14. Unable to retrieve metadata for 'MusicStore.Models.Album'. Using the same DbCompiledModel to create context against different types of database servers is not supported. Instead, create a separate DbCompiledModel for each type of server being used. on 9 October, 2012
15. Entity Framework Console Applications with SQL Server Compact on 8 October, 2012
16. Entity Framework's Database Seed Method on 8 October, 2012
17. Mapping Table-Valued Functions (TVFs) using Entity Framework Database First on 5 October, 2012
18. Spatial Data Type Support in Entity Framework 5 on 5 October, 2012
19. TypeScript: JavaScript like Programming Language by Microsoft on 2 October, 2012

I hope you enjoyed the coding/learning with me. If you have any comments, feedbacks please post here. Subscribe this blog to get posts up in your inbox or you can follow me on FacebookTwitter to get the updates.

Happy Coding!


  1. Man you getting lot's of time.. enjoy the ride.. best wishes.. Am sure this is the time, you need to explore more things on Tech Lead/Architect level.. You are ready..

    Suthish Nair

    1. Aah...:) let me explore techs 2 more years by sitting in Bokaro Steel City.


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