Moving Tags in DOM using jQuery


I this quick post you will learn how to move any tag in DOM using jQuery. Firstly, I will show you a problem and then I will talk on its fixes. Here's a problem:

My friend has designed a web page that has following information inside <body> tag. He is actually novice in web.

    <div style="width: 500px; text-align: justify;">
        <h2>History of Visual Studio</h2>
        <div class="mainBodyInfos">
            <div class="CopyrightInfo">
                Copyright © 2009-2012 ITORIAN. All rights reserved.
            Visual Studio's history probably begins in 1975 with Bill and Paul's decision to create Altair BASIC.  Maybe you could start before that but I think that's as far back as you could go and still say it's about Visual Studio at all - it's at that time that Microsoft decided it was going to have software development products and not, say, toaster automation.
        <div id="footerInfos">
            Footer Informations.

Can you see any mistake above? If not, let me tell you, by mistake he placed copyright information at wrong location that is inside <div> having class "mainBodyInfos". Means <div> that has class "CopyrightInfo" should be after <div> that has id "footerInfos". Look at the screen:

Above image shows the actual location of copyright information.
Here, jQuery come for rescue. Let's look at jQuery code:

Just a single line of jQuery code (given below) can rescue this.


Using above, I am searching for "CopyrightInfo" <div> class and inserting it after a <div> that has id "footerInfos".

If you want to dive-in for some more learning on this topic, you can try following alternatives yourself.

.insertBefore() or .prependTo() and .appendTo()

I have also attached my sample project above, download and test it.


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