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Upload video on YouTube in ASP.NET or MVC

I n this post you will learn how to upload video on YouTube from your application. I’ve used ASP.NET Web Forms a s well as MVC bits to implement all functionality easily. You can achieve similar functionality ASP.NET Web Forms or MVC a lone .

The field Date must be a date error in MVC Application

When I working on a project one of dev in my team asked me that scaffolded views in MVC is not accepting date when using jQuery date validation plugin which is default shipped with MVC template.

Flip or Rotate Image using CSS

In this quick code you will learn how to flip or rotate image with transition effect using CSS. We will have opportunity to trigger the flip or rotate action on mouse hover or click, for this we will be using jQuery.

Create Expandable or Toggle Drop Down using jQuery

In this quick code you will learn how to create expandable or toggle drop down menu with little icon which shows menu is opened or not. Let's straight look at working example below.

Query string values in JavaScript

In this quick code you will learn how to get query string (browser address bar's variable) values using JavaScript.

Substring in jQuery or using substring(from, to) or substr(start, length) functions

In this quick code you will learn how to get substring from a string in jQuery. A substring is a string which part of another string, we need such functions when some part of string needs to be remove or escape out. We can use either substring(from, to) or substr(start, length) .

Cookies in jQuery with jQuery.Cookie library

In this quick code you will learn how to read, write and delete session cookies using jQuery. Remember to use jquery.cookie library on the page.

Contact Number or Mobile validation in jQuery

In this quick code you will learn how to validate Contact Number or Mobile client side using jQuery. We will be validating only number here because for different countries and providers length may vary. Find the running code below.

Email Validation in jQuery

In this quick code you will learn how to validate Email IDs client side using jQuery. Find the running code below.

Change Button Text using jQuery

I have started sharing "Quick Code Snippet" and this is very first post of the series starting today 27 March 2015.

Hidden Input HTML control with jQuery, ASP.NET and C#

In this post you will learn use of Hidden Input HTML control < input type ="hidden"....> with jQuery, also using this from ASP.NET and C#.

Infinite Scroll or Endless Scroll in ASP.NET or MVC

In this quick post I will show you how to develop infinite or endless scrolling on web pages. This feature is required on websites like blog, media, e-commerce etc. If you scrolling in twitter or Facebook feed you will notice new contents loads up automatically when scroller reaches at the end of the page/document.

Getting Started with jQuery.tmpl (jQuery Templates) in MVC

In this post you will learn how to use jQuery.tmpl (jQuery Template) JavaScript library in MVC for client side templating. I will take you through few easy steps to setup it and working.

Client Side Username Availability Checking in MVC

It is often required live ‘username’ checking on user registration page in web applications. Today I developed this for my one of the web application and would like to share that with you.

JQuery UI Datepicker in MVC 4

Today, I spent couple of hours in finding solution to enable the use of Datepicker in MVC 4 Application.

MVC Bind Attribute like [Bind(Exclude = "Name")] or [Bind(Include = "Address, Payment, EmailID")]

When we have an ASP.NET MVC View that accepts user input and posts those inputs to a server we have the option to use the built-in Model-binding features to provide more control and security, we can restrict the properties that are allowed to be bound automatically.

The name 'Scripts' does not exist in the current context

There is a very small bug in the MVC 4 Empty Template that can be seen when you create a new MVC 4 Application with an "Empty" template and start adding views for CRUD operations (using scaffolding). And when you run the application and try to navigate (to  http://localhost:port/controller/Create  or  http://localhost:port/controller/Edit ) in "Edit.cshtml" and "Create.cshtml" views, you get the following error:

How to copy text from one textbox to another using jQuery blur

Here is a questing I received Hi Help me on jquery blur event I need to copy data from one textbox to another textbox.

How to get Selected ListBox Item using JavaScript

This is a quick post in response to a question asked by my one of the follower on Facebook and the answer is pretty simple. Here is the question I have been asked:-

Developing jQuery Plugins

If you are from web technology and using jQuery then you might be knowing that jQuery third-party plugins provides a bevy of options for enhancing our application user experience but sometimes we need to reach a bit farther and write our code that could be reused by others by just placing it on servers or even want to package it up as a brand new plugin. So, this post will give you complete knowledge of jQuery Plugins Development. Download the Project

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