Making Clone on Web Page using jQuery


This post shows how to make the clone of elements on web page using jQuery, for this we will use .clone() method.

Sometimes we want to copy (clone) elements on web page, for example, navigate menu can be placed on header and footer too and there may be many situations come to us where we need to clone. Why write something twice if we have opportunity to use jQuery.

So, let's create a demonstration page for this talk.

    <h2>History of Visual Studio</h2>
    <div class="mainBody">
        Visual Studio's history probably begins in <strong class="year">1975</strong> with Bill and Paul's decision to create Altair BASIC.  Maybe you could start before that but I think that's as far back as you could go and still say it's about Visual Studio at all – it's at that time that Microsoft decided it was going to have software development products and not, say, toaster automation.
        Some informations.
        Some more informations.

Let's assume; we want to copy the 'mainBody' <div> and place it after first <p>. To do this we will use following jQuery:


Above jQuery, making the clone of <div> that has class 'mainBody' and inserting this new clone after first <p>, in DOM 0 refers the very first <p>, 1 refers the second <p> and so on.

Output in Browser:

Take one more assumption; what if we want to apply different style to cloned copy?

Now, to do this we need to create a style class.

    <style type="text/css">
        .cloneStyle {
            background: #ead3d3;
            font: italic 1.4em "Times New Roman", Times, serif;

So, we have a style now; let's add it to cloned copy.


Nothing new here, just added one more attribute .addClass('cloneStyle') to existing jQuery above.

Now, look at the output in browser:

So, that's all about the making clone on web page. You can dive deep in this topic to achieve some more functionality.


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