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Visual Studio Online Monaco Code Editor Walk-through - Part 2

In the part 1 of this series you learned how to edit compiled websites using Visual Studio Online Monaco Editor. Now in this part you will learn how to edit source code of website. Read my previous post or at least first paragraph of that post.

Visual Studio Online Monaco Code Editor Walk-through - Part 1

In this post series I will show you how we can take advantage of Visual Studio Online “Monaco” to edit codes (HTML, CSS, C#, JavaScript etc) in the browser out of the box.

Free E-book: Time-Saving VS11 and ASP.NET 4.5 Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Last weak, two Telerikers Joshua Holt and Carl Bergenhem introduced a very nice free e-book for developer community to get job done quickly with less code. Very nice book, read it once.

How to format the arrangement of codes in Visual Studio IDE

I know it is very easy for all, think of me as blogging addicted guy. Ehehe. Shortcut Keys:- Format Entire Document : Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D Format Selection : Ctrl + K, Ctrl + F

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