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Presenting session on "Building BOT on Telegram using C#" in C# Corner's Delhi Chapter

I will be attending C# Corner Delhi Chapter on 7th Feb again. I have attended this event couple of times before. This time I will be presenting  Building BOT on Telegram using C# . Why should you attend my session? When I want to attend any session, I try to reason myself about why should I attend any particular session. Well, if you are wondering the same for me, here are my reasons for you. We will have lots of fun learning something completely new This session will encourage you to think out of the box Only OOPS concept is required to attend this session This session will be about BOT This session will be about AI features You will be able to write your BOT to teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services Date and time Date: 7 February 2016 Time: 12:30 PM - 01:30 AM (event with other cool sessions starts at 09:30 AM) Price: Free of cost Where: H-217, First Floor, Sector 63, Noida, India You should come and join

Open .NET Discussion in Jubli Park Jamshedpur on 05/04/2015 (Sunday)

Being as a part of Jharkhand Geeks community, we are very happy to announce open .NET discussion in open place :) in Jubli Park, Jamshedpur on 05/04/2015 (Sunday). Address Jubli Park Jamshedpur Mobile Number: 08603371937 (call us when you reach location) Date and Time 05 April 2015, 02:45 PM to 05:00 PM About Meeting This meeting is going to be very pleasing, because first time we are inviting developers to discuss on .NET Platform in open place, you will love this. You can select any topic you want and discuss on that. Let's meet and be the part of open discussion open place. A great opportunity to learn, contribute and collaborate yourself with fellow developers. We look forward to seeing you there!

SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 - Asia's first and the only SQL Server Conference

If you are in Bangalore or around or SQL Server enthusiast, here is something for you. SQLServerGeeks guys announced Annual Summit 2015 on August 27, 28, 29, 2015 in Bangalore at NIMHANS Convention Center.

Attended Microsoft MVPs Open Day 2015 in Bangalore

It was another year I attended Microsoft MVPs Open Day event in Bangalore, last time it was in Goa. ||For those who don’t know what MVPs Open Day is Every year Microsoft MVP Award Program organizes an event dedicated for MVPs only. In such event MVPs gathered together from different cities (South Asia MVP region includes India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc countries). Such events feature technical sessions designed to enhance the community's understanding of new Microsoft products, existing tools and new techniques. But MVPs like me don't come to learn just from Microsoft teams, we present during Open Days, which allows MVPs to    i) share real-world knowledge of Microsoft technologies aka "MVP to MVP" sessions    ii) network with fellow MVPs in person and this helps understand community more closely    iii) enjoy with fellow MVPs I had a great time with MVPs and Lead. I would like to thank Biplab and Gandharv for organizing this event  beautifull

My Speaking or In-Person Events

Okay, great to see you on this page. Here, i will list upcoming/past events in which i will be speaking. Hope to see you at event. 28 September 2019 By: Microsoft .NET Conf Topic: Building Full-stack C# Web Apps with Blazor in .NET Core 3.0 05 October 2018 By: Microsoft App Innovation Circle Topic: Full day hands-on-labs on Cross platform Mobile app development with Xamarin 30 May 2018 By: Microsoft App Innovation Circle Topic: Full day DevOps Workshop 21 April 2018 By: Microsoft Global Azure Bootcamp Topic: Getting Started with Cognitive Services URL:

Download Visual Studio 2012 RC

Visual Studio 2012 RC  is made available along with  .NET framework 4.5 RC  and are available for download now. Microsoft released both products in parallel to Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows Server 2012 RC. Visual Studio 2012 is fully Metro now and so after the Visual Studio 11 beta release this is major release. Changes so far made after the beta release can be seen from its UI easily and Microsoft also changed the naming of so called  Visual Studio 11  to  Visual Studio 2012 . Even logo of Visual Studio 2012 is changed and made as per Metro design principles. Have a look of the logo: More Story

ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta Released Now

After long wait now MVC 4 Beta is available for download, released on 15 Feb 2012. If you are still using ASP.NET MVC 3 or prior version, then check out its new version. ASP.NET MVC 4 is a framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework. Top Features ASP.NET Web API Refreshed and modernized default project templates New mobile project template Many new features to support mobile apps Recipes to customize code generation Enhanced support for asynchronous methods Find more details here:

Podcast: New domains; Amish tech

On this week's Tech Check podcast, Doug Gross, John Sutter and Stephanie Goldberg discuss the approval of new Internet domain endings. This means the tired, old ".com" might be getting some company from the likes of ".cocacola," ".apple" and ".nyc." Also, in a Tech Check first, we break down the secret world of Amish technology. Yes ... Amish technology. More Here

A supercomputer made of unused PCs

Buying a supercomputer costs millions of dollars, then thousands more each year to maintain it. That's not to mention the hefty electric bill to keep the massive system running. So it goes without saying that average Joes can't just get themselves a supercomputer. But many scientific researchers also don't have access to them, even if they work at a university that owns one. More Here

Russia to Regulate Internet

Moscow , April 30 (IANS/RIA Novosti)  Russia  will 'make the right choice' on regulating the internet, President Dmitry Medvedev has said, hinting that the government did not intend to impose bans on websites. Unlike the Russian press and state-run TV channels, the Runet - or Russian internet - has avoided government censorship and restrictions, turning it into forum for anti-government discussion. 'When people talk about internet regulation, there is a feeling that the state wants to stick its hand in and create the kind of barriers that only exist in specific countries,' Medvedev said at a meeting of online media representatives. 'The president's task is to make the right decisions in terms of regulating public relations, including the internet.' Earlier, the Federal Security Service had caused alarm among Russia's estimated 60 million internet users by demanding access to internet communication services like Gmail and Skype. In a move rem

Hackers claim breach of Tony Blair's personal details

Personal details about Tony Blair that appear online were apparently not hacked from the former British prime minister's computer systems, but from the email account of a former staffer. Responding to a report about a hacker group that claims to have accessed Blair's personal data, a Blair spokesman said Saturday, "This information has not been obtained from Tony Blair or any of his office systems." More Here

Microsoft loses Word patent battle

Microsoft loses Word patent battle Software giant Microsoft finally lost its battle over Word patent with Toronto's i4i Inc. Rejecting Microsoft's appeal, the US supreme court upheld the 2009 lower court order against Microsoft to pay $290 million in damages to the Toronto firm for infringing its patent. More News

Developer earns big using Ad SDK for Windows Phone 7

As a part-time developer, Richard Foster wanted to find an easy, yet lucrative way to implement ads into his Windows Phone 7 Silverlight apps. Read More Story

Cloud computing under danger?

Cloud computing under danger? The recent high-profile hacking of Google's Gmail service and Sony's Playstation gaming network is threatening to slow the take-off of the next big thing in the computing space - the cloud. More News

HP going to launch TouchPad

HP to launch TouchPad in July Hewlett-Packard Co, hoping to tap into the tablet market dominated by Apple Inc's iPad, said it will begin sales of its TouchPad computer in July. The tablet will sell for $499.99 to $599.99 depending on storage capacity, Palo Alto, California-based Hewlett-Packard said in a statement today. Sales will begin in the US on July 1, followed by the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Canada. Read News

Microsoft to release VB6 as Open Source

After many years of complaints from the VB6 developers around the world, Microsoft has finally agreed to re release VB6, not as a full product, but as a full featured, not crippled free Open Source product with source code on CodePlex. More News

Mobile malware alert: Beware of fake Android Market

(CNN) -- This week, mobile security provider Lookout is warning Android users of a new twist on malware (one of the key mobile security risks I covered last week). There's a malicious app called GGTracker, which tricks you into installing it by leading you to a fake version of Google's Android Market. More News

Want a 1st look at the next release of Windows Phone?

Want a 1st look at the next release of Windows Phone? Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 24th at 2:30PM PST for a live preview of what's coming. Log Here

Announcing Service Pack 1 for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010

Service Pack 1 is on track for release at the end of June. SP1 releases for both Office client suites and SharePoint server products will be made available. All language versions of SP1 will release simultaneously. Initially, Service Pack 1 will be offered as a manual download from the Download Center and from Microsoft Update, and no sooner than 90 days after release, will be made available as an Automatic Update. Read More News

Explaining the Internet's new domain endings

(CNN) -- On Monday, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) voted to allow a new array of Internet domain endings. But what does that mean? The change means that the familiar ".com," ".org" and ".net" could be getting a lot more company in the next year or so. As our colleagues at CNNMoney said, "Forget .com -- here's .coke." More News

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