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Microsoft cloud service Office 365 launched

To compete with Google, Microsoft launched a cloud version of its popular software Office in June called Office 365. Read More About Office 365

Sony Music Portugal Website Hacked, Email List Leaked

A Lebanese hacker who broke into several Sony web properties until now has leaked a list of email addresses allegedly extracted from the database. The hacker, who goes by the online handle of "Idahc," claims to have identified three vulnerabilities on the Sony Music Portugal website which facilitate SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. The SQLi flaw can allow attackers to read information from the site's database and the hacker exploited it to extract data from a table called "email_utilizador." More

Infosys turned bureaucratic at times: Murthy

At times during its 30-year journey, Infosys turned bureaucratic, its business ethics got jeopardised and some of its leaders failed to take bold decisions, its outgoing Chairman N R Narayana Murthy has said. In an emotional letter to Infosys'' shareholders, which would be his last as the company''s chairman, Murthy has also said he was sad about exit of some of his colleagues from India''s second largest IT company. Listing out ''the moments of great dilemmas and sadness'' during his 30-year tenure at Infosys, the company''s founding member said: "Accepting the resignation of a senior colleague and dealing with the instance where our code of ethics was jeopardised were tests of adherence to our values". Read More

Indian face behind Google social site

You might have noticed your friends' mugshots popping up on your Gmail page of late and a black strip over the Google search page. These are subtle signs of Google rolling out a new social networking product, the search giant's answer to Facebook at last. Google+, which the company released selectively on Tuesday, is meant to be more private, smarter, and at the same time more pervasive than other social networking sites. It could also be integrated with your mail, search and news functions. More News

What to expect in Windows 8?

With Windows 7 being a smash hit with consumers around the world, all eyes are on what new and different can the next version of Windows offer for the consumers. The excitement is building and some of the things that may see the light (and I say might because by the time we get to a significant release a lot can change) are mentioned below: One of features that might see the light is Fast Startup which is a combination of Logoff and Hibernate and which basically allows Windows to shutdown faster. Read More

Ebert's Facebook page deleted amid 'Jackass,' Olympian scraps

(CNN) -- It's been a scrappy day on social media for Roger Ebert. Ebert, arguably the most well-known movie critic in the world, spent Monday and early Tuesday mixing it up on Twitter and Facebook on two fronts -- dialogues that apparently led to his Facebook page being temporarily deleted. More News

Native Extensions For Microsoft Silverlight

While Silverlight 4 supports accessing COM automation components from elevated trust OOB applications, many Windows platform features are currently not available through COM automation. This makes them inaccessible to such Silverlight OOB apps. Native Extensions for Microsoft Silverlight(NESL) is an effort to incrementally build a library of components that expose select Windows 7 features through COM automation, making them easily available to Silverlight 4 OOB applications running with elevated trust. The current version of NESL provides access to Windows 7 features like Sensors, Portable Devices, Speech, Taskbar and more. NESL is made up of a set of COM automation based runtime libraries, Silverlight wrapper libraries usable from Silverlight 4 OOB applications, sample applications with source, API documentation, and a developer's guide.  Read More Story

Nokia launches N9 Smartphone and Series 40 Devices

Mobile phone-maker Nokia today announced the "beginning of a new era" for the company with the launch of four new mobile phones, including a full-screen touch-based smartphone. "Earlier this year, we outlined a comprehensive strategy to change our  More News

Why some dissatisfied users are shunning Facebook

(CNN) -- There's no denying the cultural impact of Facebook. It has united almost 700 million people, including most of you reading this, becoming the greatest social introduction platform the world has ever seen. But there are also some recent signs of "Facebook fatigue." There is only so much you can do to socialize online, especially after you've exhausted your friend list. Some people also complain they're spending so much time on Facebook that they're short-changing the rest of their lives. More News

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