Can test automation replace manual testing?

Short and simple answer, NO. It cannot. Let's talk why, we cannot replace manual testing.

Consider, a form screen showing a extra textbox or a wrong color in any control or a wrong modal, but the entire functionality works fine otherwise. Such things would easily be missed if you have a 100% automated test cases with 100% test coverage, because automated testing looks more at what is expected and less at what is not expected.

We see a ton of software's around for test and its automation, and they are divided into different categories:

1. Test Management Tools - Azure DevOps, PractiTest, TET (Test Environment Toolkit), TETware etc
2. Functional Testing Tools - Selenium, Soapui etc
3. Load Testing Tools - Azure DevOps, Jmeter, FunkLoad, ANTS etc

Any tool you select has list of features and they power up software testers or testing. Manual testing will stay and advocate manual testers to develop skills like scripting which can make them more efficient and do a better job.

Both manual testing and automation testing play a part in overall delivery quality, none of them should be ignored.


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