How to remove/update default header and footer from PayPal sandbox page

I was updating an old website that uses PayPal as one of the payment gateway option. When I was testing the website I realized default header and footer texts.

As I was working on older setup, so I was not sure if its default header footer or developer who developed intentionally used this on PayPal portal. In either situations, I stumbled in finding way/link to edit that on PayPal portal.

At the end I posted a thread on stackoverflow and a gentleman replied me which solved the issue.

Now to solve this issue, we need to add our new page or say styles on the PayPal portal. Here’s the answer I received on stackoverflow which will help you for sure:

1. Login to your PayPal account.
2. Under My Account, click Profile.
3. In the My Selling Tools section (left side), click on Update next to Custom payment pages.
4. Click the Add button. Choose a unique name for the payment pages’ style.
5. Specify the URL for the logo image. Make sure it is on a secure server. It’s optional but shouldn’t be. Specify the secure URL for the header image. Input all of the colors that you want to change.
6. You can then Preview how it looks, then Save when complete.

Hope this helps you.


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