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These days I’m using .NET Open Sources software at my best level. You won’t believe I’ve used BlogEngine implementations for 3 clients this month. Not exact the BlogEngine but its implementations in some other implementation.

Well, the issue I’m going to resolve is basically time-zone issue, due to this newly created post will not be visible on home page. When using a hosting provider which is outside of your time-zone, say 4 hours, your posts don't show up for that amount of time in local time-zone.  In the settings, there is a time-zone offset you can set, but unfortunately this is rather buggy.

Well, if you have BlogEngine code you can fix it yourself, follow the steps:

Step 1. Open Post.cs file from BlogEngine.Core project

Step 2. Find following code
else if (this.IsPublished && this.DateCreated <= DateTime.Now.AddHours(BlogSettings.Instance.Timezone))

Step 3. Replace above code by this
else if (this.IsPublished)

Step 4. Find following code
//return (this.IsPublished && this.DateCreated <= DateTime.Now.AddHours(BlogSettings.Instance.Timezone)) &&
//        this.IsDeleted == false;

Step 5. Replace above code by this
return this.IsPublished && this.IsDeleted == false;

Now, Build the solution and publish it. Now post will be visible just after publishing, no any time-zone based delay.

This is workaround, because any post you post 9 AM IST will be visible to everyone who is even 4 hours behind.

Hope this helps.


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