Jharkhand Geeks - Microsoft .NET Developer's Meed, 21 December 2014

Being as a Jharkhand Geeks, Microsoft .NET User Group member I got an opportunity to take a session on Glimpse of ASP.NET MVC topic. This event was very first event ever organized in Jharkhand from developers working on Microsoft .NET platforms.
We managed to execute this session for 5 hours and attendees was very excited to learn from speakers. Speakers including me answered all the questions raised by attendees.

We executed 3 sessions, here is meeting banner having sessions details:

At the end of each sessions speaker answered all the questions asked. At the end of this event we tool photographs with participants.

If you want to read more about this event or curious to attend our next event, keep looking at this website http://www.jharkhandgeeks.com.


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