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Attended Microsoft MVPs Open Day 2015 in Bangalore

It was another year I attended Microsoft MVPs Open Day event in Bangalore, last time it was in Goa.

||For those who don’t know what MVPs Open Day is
Every year Microsoft MVP Award Program organizes an event dedicated for MVPs only. In such event MVPs gathered together from different cities (South Asia MVP region includes India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc countries). Such events feature technical sessions designed to enhance the community's understanding of new Microsoft products, existing tools and new techniques. But MVPs like me don't come to learn just from Microsoft teams, we present during Open Days, which allows MVPs to    i) share real-world knowledge of Microsoft technologies aka "MVP to MVP" sessions    ii) network with fellow MVPs in person and this helps understand community more closely    iii) enjoy with fellow MVPs

I had a great time with MVPs and Lead. I would like to thank Biplab and Gandharv for organizing this event beautifully.

Hidden Input HTML control with jQuery, ASP.NET and C#

In this post you will learn use of Hidden Input HTML control <inputtype="hidden"....>with jQuery, also using this from ASP.NET and C#.

Jharkhand Geeks - Microsoft .NET Developer's Meed, 21 December 2014

Being as a Jharkhand Geeks, Microsoft .NET User Group member I got an opportunity to take a session on Glimpse of ASP.NET MVC topic. This event was very first event ever organized in Jharkhand from developers working on Microsoft .NET platforms.

Technical reviewer of Microsoft TypeScript

The very nice people at PACKT Publication recently asked me to technical review one of the upcoming new bookTypeScript, and you know I never miss such opportunities to review book and become its part. Greedily, to get reviewer name printed on book gives great feel.

Fluid Header/Footer problem when windows resized or opened on mobile (desktop view)

This is a very common issue I have seen on various websites, generally in websites which is not responsive. Look at this image to understand this issue quickly.

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