Publish in Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 Crashes IDE

Recently I faced this issue when I was trying to publish my website on Azure Websites. Here is the screenshot. I noticed this bug in Visual Studio 2013 as well as Visual Studio 2015 (December 27 2015).

Let me explain when I faced this issue.

In my Web Application ‘publish profile’ (credentials to publish website) was already added and working before. After few textual correction in my web application I tried to publish the site again and I faced this. Tried to publish several times, it was always crashing the IDE.

As this dialog was using credentials available in Properties > PublishProfiles folder in the solution explorer so I thought to remove that folder and re-add the publish information file ( download from Azure Website portal and it worked. Here is screenshot.

I couldn't found the reason why IDE was crashing. But I’m sure there is something with my older publish settings files which was downloaded from Azure Website portal, however I never made any changes in website on azure portal so new download setting must have exactly similar publish information.

So, what was the cause of this issue? If you know, just share it.



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