IIS Express immediately shutting down, hence web application stops running, on click 'Stop Debugging' in Visual Studio 2013 IDE

I'm not sure why this change in 2013 IDE for web applications, it was completely different in Visual Studio 2012. In 2012 IDE, when we click on 'Stop Debugging', then IIS Express was continued running hence after any change in web application we just 'Build Solution' (Ctrl + Shift + B) and refresh the browser (specially Chrome). But now in Visual Studio 2013 things where little changed, when we click on 'Stop Debugging', then IIS Express stops running and hence web application also stops running. Let me tell you I didn't make any changes in settings J

Quick 2012 IDE Recap

Here is screenshot of Visual Studio 2012 IDE, you can see this is not in Debug mode but still IIS Express is up and running, so we can make any changes in application and just 'Build Solution' (Ctrl + Shift + B) and refresh the browser.

This is how things were working in Visual Studio 2012 IDE. So, what would be the reason, the idea is, in 2012 IDE, when we hit 'Stop Debugging', it were not terminating IIS Express but now in 2013 IDE it is terminating all the running process that is being debugged… reason unknown.

Quick Solution

Thanks to Abhijit Jana sir who helped me. When I posted this on my Facebook profile he just came up on chat and helped me.

Just type 'Edit and Continue' in Quick Launch, open it and uncheck the 'Enable Edit and Continue'.

Hope this helps if anyone else face this.

Update 08-May-2019 for Visual Studio 2019
If you want your browsers to keeps running even if you stopped debugging. Here's the steps:

Step 1.
Tools -> Options -> Project and Solutions -> Web Projects -> uncheck "Stop debugger when browser window is closed".

Step 2.
Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> uncheck "Enable Edit and Continue".

This should work.


  1. This was driving me crazy, thanks! I had suspected it was edit and continue though since that was the major new addition to 64bit debugging in vs2013. One thing to add, in addition to shutting down iis express, even on re-launch (ctrl-f5), i'm unable to access my site...it just hangs. However if I change the browser and ctrl-f5, the site loads instantly. Please let me know if you can repro that...if so, something else is going on which definitely needs to be looked at by the vs team.


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