Retrieve Views from Different Folders in MVC

In this post you will learn how to retrieve the views which is inside another folder. For example a view which is inside folder Views|Application|General|Index.cshtml. How will you map it or use it from controller? Is this possible?

Of course! 100%. Today in one the project I got number of view files in one folder ‘Application’ mapped by ‘Application’ controller which is default behavior of MVC runtime. Look at left side of the image which is default location of any view controlled by ‘Application’ controller…right? And in the left side, what I wanted to be arranged?

Achieving this is very easy. Just modify the controller as given below.

And it works cool. In the same way you can map rest views, just keep in mind to use “FolderName/ViewName” to map it correctly.

Please note: It works fine at run-time and you will not be able to navigate from controller as given below, it won’t find the matching view.

Now, a question for you?

What changes I need to make in controller/or else to map views which is on project root, as given below.

Reply me through comments.

Very-very simple but useful.
Hope this helps.


  1. Hello, nice post.
    But how do you solve the problem of the "go to View" to view () located in other folders or sub-folders

    1000 Thanks


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