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ASP.NET MVC Online Training by Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa

Area in MVC - giving a nice physical structure & dealing with template bug

In my last blog post I talked about ‘retrieving views from different folders in MVC’ and it works cool when we want view pages always inside Views folder (which is on the project root) but our requirement not ends here.

The new version "Area in MVC 5" is available here.

Retrieve Views from Different Folders in MVC

In this post you will learn how to retrieve the views which is inside another folder. For example a view which is inside folder Views|Application|General|Index.cshtml. How will you map it or use it from controller? Is this possible?

Code First Approach & Database Migration & Server Side Validations & Client Side Validations in MVC4: Video in Hindi

In this video you will learn how to create simple Feedback Submission Form. In the journey, I will explain the use of Code First Approach and Code First Database Migrations and also Sever Side Validations and Client Side Validations to validation the data entered by the user.

Client Side Username Availability Checking in MVC

It is often required live ‘username’ checking on user registration page in web applications. Today I developed this for my one of the web application and would like to share that with you.

Logging Errors with ELMAH (Error Logging Modules And Handlers) in MVC 4

ELMAH is an alternative to HMS (Health Monitoring System) for logging errors which is free and available under open-source which is created and managed by Atif Aziz. HMS was (was...why?) great (with few pains) because it has option to capture all events as well as errors. With HMS developers has to design the UI for viewing the log information but with ELMAH, you just need to hit a URL to view log information.

Removing or Customizing View Engines in MVC

In this article you will learn how to remove or customize View Engines which is not being used by application.

Enable Password Resetting with Simple Membership in MVC 4

In this article you will learn how to enable password resetting (in case user forgot the password) with Simple Membership in MVC. User needs to type his username and system will check its existence, if found correct this will send an email containing dynamically generated URL with username and password reset token.

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