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Windows Phone Development Step by Step Tutorial : by Karthikeyan

My friend Karthikeyan (aka. @f5Debug) published a free e-Book on Windows Phone titled "Windows Phone Development Step by Step Tutorial". This eBook covers most of the topics of developing an application with Windows Phone with a step by step approach on using each of the components that are available with the Windows Phone framework. The eBook is targeted towards audience of level 100 to level 400 to get complete idea of application development from the scratch.

Properties in C# : How/Why we use this?

Again, one of my follower on Facebook asked me a question, here it is.

Hello Sir
I'm new in C#, i tried lot to understand the get/set properties but still can't understand. Please help, why and how we use this? by Manish Kumar

And this blog post is my response to his ask. So, let’s get started.

5 Ways to send data between ASP.NET Pages

How many ways do you know to send the data between ASP.NET Pages? In this post I’m going to list 5 different ways. First 2-3 ways are very well-known and last 2-3 ways are not much popular. You will find here mostly inline methods to receive the data on different pages. You can download the complete code here.

How to get Selected ListBox Item using JavaScript

This is a quick post in response to a question asked by my one of the follower on Facebook and the answer is pretty simple.

Here is the question I have been asked:-

Using 'Like' operator in parameterized queries

The main advantage of parameterized query is to protect the database from SQL Injection. Today I used this concept in my one of the project. Do you know using ‘Like’ operator in parameterized query is bit different?

Stop form Submission (Posting) on Enter Key Press

This is a quick hit post. If you are developing a form in ASP.NET you may be noticed that when we press enter key even without writing any information in textboxes, form gets post (submitted). So, how do you stop it?

Calling an ASP.NET C# Method (Web Method) using JavaScript

Another title of this post would be “Say bye-bye to Postbacks”. Sometimes we need to stop annoying post-backs on ASP.NET Web Pages. For example, when one click the ASP.NET button on webpage, by default page gets post-back. So, how we stop this by keeping proper code-behind method calls. Let’s look at one case.

Setup Picture Password (Picture Logon) in Windows 8

In Windows 8 we have three password options i) Live Account Password (works like normal password) ii) Picture Password and iii) PIN Password. In this post we will see how to setup Picture Password.

Setup PIN Logon in Windows 8

In Windows 8 we have three password options i) Live Account Password (works like normal password) ii) Picture Password and iii) PIN Password. In this post we will see how to setup PIN Password.

Free E-book: Time-Saving VS11 and ASP.NET 4.5 Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Last weak, two Telerikers Joshua Holt and Carl Bergenhem introduced a very nice free e-book for developer community to get job done quickly with less code. Very nice book, read it once.

Developing jQuery Plugins

If you are from web technology and using jQuery then you might be knowing that jQuery third-party plugins provides a bevy of options for enhancing our application user experience but sometimes we need to reach a bit farther and write our code that could be reused by others by just placing it on servers or even want to package it up as a brand new plugin. So, this post will give you complete knowledge of jQuery Plugins Development.

Download the Project

Microsoft MVP: Proud to be an MVP (July 2012)

I'm so delighted to see an email with subject "Congratulations Microsoft MVP" in my mailbox this morning. I'm honored to be recognized in Microsoft MVP Program, this is one of the most prestigious award and one of the great achievement of my life. I am feeling very proud because this time I got it from Microsoft and also got opportunity to join the experts in the Microsoft MVP Community.

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