Monthly Blogging Report: May 2012

“Time Teaches You Many Things”. May 2012 was not very good month for me. Since 2009 I was using custom developed blogging system on shared server hosting and the server always falling in issues that were causing huge downtime for my blog. Since long time I was thinking to move my blog to Blogger (Google’s BlogSpot) and finally I did this last month. I moved my all posts (about 435 posts) to Blogger.

My blog traffic continuously going downward since May 2012 as I was getting maximum hits from search engines so it will take couple of months to get the actual traffic.

At the end of May 2012 things were going good and of course now I’m writing new stuffs again.

In May 2012 I could write only 2 articles. Please find the details of the same below:

I hope you enjoyed the coding with me. If you have comments, feedbacks please post here.

Happy Coding !!


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