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Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa
Senior Software Developer
@ Knorish Framework, Gurgaon, India
Microsoft MVP
PACKT Published Author
Microsoft Technology Blogger
Author of Java Programming in Hindi Video Course
Author of Oracle PL/SQL Programming in Hindi Video Course

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Hello! I'm so glad to have you here.

I'm  Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa, Microsoft MVP (5 times in a row), C# Corner MVP, published author of Instant Razor View Engine How-To book from PACKT publication, author of Java Programming and Oracle PL/SQL video courses and a Full Stack Web Developer (.NET & Azure platforms). In free time, I write blogs, deliver technical sessions, mentor developers around the world online (free as well as paid).

Let's join online to discuss about your projects or issues and in return you can PayPal me at learninhindicare@gmail.com :)

Kudos to me by C# Corner Team | Interview by Silicon India.

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  1. I know you have been working hard. And I wanted to tell you that you are doing a good job!

  2. Great posts buddy, thanks.

  3. You are awesome. Keep up the good work.

  4. Awesome work dude.... Especially your "What is ITORIAN?" part is quite inspiring....

  5. dear sir keep on the gud wrk of spreading knowledge :-)

  6. good bro keep it up.. You are an inspiration to young students

  7. awesome work bro......Keep it up...our blessing are always with you...!!!!!!!!!!!


    I wish you luck for the future = )

  9. thank you .....for this all

  10. Thanks a Lot !! I wish you all the best....

  11. Fantastic ...Keep the good work....

  12. sir!
    i would like to go through your complete videos for java tutorials. i gone through available videos on you tube.i found some videos are not included there.let me know how will i get your complete videos of rest of the subjects too. data_1959@yahoo.com.

  13. Bless you brother !! Please keep sharing your knowledge.

    YOU ARE AWESOME, Thank you.

  14. Hello Sir,

    I belongs from Hazaribag Jharkhand ,nice to see someone from our side doing a wonderful job. I am planning to buy your java video.
    Please help me how to get job in company like microsoft, google.
    I am ready to work hard as much. Please guide me.


  15. Hello Abhimanyu Sir,

    Thanks a Lot !! I wish you all the best....

    I have read most of the artical in your website. it will be great or helpful if you create a video series on Service layer (Unit of Work over Repository Pattern - Framework (Repository.Pattern, Repository.Pattern.EF6, Northwind.Repository/Database )
    Db first. ). in MVC 4.

    Thanks in Advance.

  16. Great Job !!!
    I learned so much from your tutorials. Thank You.

  17. Hello Abhimanyu,

    I was asked to do this. I tried many ways but I couldn't get any solution. Kindly help me to.

    Write code in pure C# Razor Syntax that implements an HTML5 dropdown form element that shows the list of USA States. Upon selecting a state, a second HTML5 dropdown should show up that lists all of the cities for that selected state. You are not allowed to use any Javascript, JQuery or any client side scripting languages that manipulate the DOM. Only server-side code is allowed. ​ The problem can be implemented in 1 file only.

    1. In this case I can think of two other options.
      1) redirect to some action when state ddl is changed, then in the action get the selected state value and based on this query to get cities and assign this into ViewBag then use this ViewBag for city dropdown. like http://stackoverflow.com/a/2213089
      2) use a dropdown control with state and city (in same control) like http://www.webcodeexpert.com/2013/10/how-to-bind-state-categories-and-cities.html


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