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Migrating Azure VMs on VNet from Azure Service Management (Classic or ASM) to Azure Resource Manager (Resource Manager or ARM)

In this post you will find code snippet to migrate your classic Azure VMs that is part of virtual networks. That is, you will learn Migrating Azure VMs on VNet from Azure Service Management (Classic or ASM) to Azure Resource Manager (Resource Manager or ARM). Without too much discussion, let's start step by step. You need to have PowerShell installed. In the process of migration you first need to sign in your subscription using modern way that is ARM to prepare migration and then sign in your same subscription using classic approach that is ASM to perform migration and commit. Step 1. Let's login ARM Login-AzureRmAccount Step 2. Store subscription id into a variable $SubID = "1345e4-4561-1bd7-55c1-e3848012qw4r" Step 3. Select subscription using above variable Select-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionID $SubID Step 4. Now, let's prepare the migration on ARM, this operation may take few minutes. Register-AzureRmResourceProvider -ProviderNamespa

Azure Media Service Encoding with custom presets

In this post you will learn how to use custom preset for Azure Media Service Encoding. But before that let's look at a case study or issue which I faced. When I uploaded a 55.5 MB mp4 file and encoded with "H264AdaptiveBitrateMP4Set720p" encoder preset, I received following output files: Look into green rectangular highlighted video files in the image, this looks good according to input file size. But if you look at red rectangular highlighted video files, these are *improved* files for adaptive streaming, which looks useless if you compare with my example "a dark line on my face in video can't be removed by system automatically...make sense". Here I'm trying to understand Azure Media Services encoding permutations but increasing file size 2-3 times larger than input file is never a acceptable deal. Why I should pay more for bandwidth and storage on these large files, how I convince my clients? On this issue I thought to under

Credential parameter can only be used with Organization ID credentials - Azure Deployment or Continuous Deployment Error

I faced this error while Azure Web App Deployment starts in after Continuous Integration. Here's the detailed information you see in the error: -Credential parameter can only be used with Organization ID credentials. For more information, please refer to for more information about the difference between an organizational account and a Microsoft account. There was an error with the Azure credentials used for deployment.  Error Screenshot: If you face this issue, here's quick way: Step 1 Edit existing build definition and select "Azure Web App Deployment" and then click on "Manage". Now you will be redirect on new tab. Step 2 On new tab click on "Update service configuration" and this will open a dialog box where you need to select "Certificate Based" option and then fill up the details. You can click on "Publish settings file" to download, th

Working with Azure BLOB Storage in MVC

In this post you will learn following things: i) Introduction to BLOB Storage ii) Installing the Azure SDK iii) Creating MVC Application (Web Role) to upload BLOBs (for example, images) and delete BLOBs iv) Publishing to Windows Azure (Storage and Web Role)

Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to connect SQL Azure databases

In this article you will learn how to connect SQL Azure database from SQL Server Management Studio.

Deploying an ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application on Windows Azure

In this video you will learn how to deploy ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application on Windows Azure environment. Sorry for the noisy video.

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