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Adding Website in IIS and Using Friendly Name to Open the Website

In this video you are going to learn how to add website in IIS and even how to use friendly name to open that website.

Creating New Website and configuring local IIS using Visual Studio

Introduction Before writing anything, I will say this is a very simple article for those who don't know how to create website in IIS and navigate that website without opening Visual Studio IDE always. Means just open the browser and navigate that local websites. Actually such system has very huge advantages if we are working on intranets (in simple, local internet called intranet). Means if we have dozen of computers under network and one of the PC has server configuration then such websites can be available on each PC on network. Many companies has adopted such service, BSL is one the example who is using such services since decade. Look at below, I have opened a ASP.NET website without Visual Studio IDE.   In the above browser snap, 'localhost' url part may be replaced by computer name or IP. Look at snap below.   Okay, introduction is over now. Let's configure such system for our website developments. Follow the steps for the same. Note: Please be sure of IIS

Apply Style to Every Control on Website in ASP.NET

Introduction I guess you are expert in styling controls using CSS. But the thing I am going to talk in this post is bit different. Let's look at following asks: (i) How to apply style to all Label controls on website? (ii) How to apply TextBox background color or font color (ForeColor) to all controls on websites? (iii) How to apply style to all Hyperlink controls on website? To answer these all question let's read this. Follow the steps:- Step 1 Create a style sheet page by name 'SiteStyle.css' and save this under project root. Step 2 Type following style information in SiteStyle.css page:         span:hover         {             font-size : 12px ;             font-style : oblique ;         }                 input         {             background-color : #999999 ;             color : Blue ;         }                 a:hover         {             color : Green ;         } Please note: I am usi

Character Limiting in TextBox in ASP.NET using jQuery and display red when reaches out of limit

Introduction Download Look at the images given blow that you frequently see on websites. In this post you are going to learn this. Screen when character reaches out of limit:- Follow the steps to create such system. Step 1 Add the reference of the jQuery file in head section of web page, for example:     < script type ="text/javascript" src ="Scripts/jquery-1.4.1.min.js"></ script > Step 2 Add the following jQuery method in head section of web page:     < script type ="text/javascript" language ="javascript">         $(document).ready( function () {             var txt = $( "textarea[id$=txtComments]" );             var txtMsg = $( "label[id$=txtStatus]" );             $(txt).keyup( function () {                 var length = $(txt).val().length;                 $(txtMsg).text( "Total " + length + " Characters out of 200.&

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