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20 Jun 2013

What are Default Model Binding and Explicit Model Binding in MVC?

Model Binding is a great feature we use today with Web Forms and MVC. In this post you will learn what are Default Model Binding and Explicit Model Binding in MVC. I will use few code snippets in this post so that you can understand it quickly.

17 Jun 2013

What is Eager Loading and what is Lazy Loading and what is N+1 Problem in Entity Framework

In this post you will learn what Eager Loading is and what Lazy Loading is and how this works in the application, and how you can take its advantages.

15 Jun 2013

Instant StyleCop Code Analysis How-to by Franck LEVEQUE - A Book Review

The very nice people at PACKT Publication recently asked me to write a review of their new book StyleCop Code Analysis, and you know I never miss the changes to learn things when it is for free J. Yes you heard it right, I received this book from publisher for free.

10 Jun 2013

View without Controller Action in MVC

In this quick post you will learn how a view can be rendered without its native Controller Action method.

What is Model and ViewModel in MVC Pattern?

Model and ViewModel are two things we always hear in MVC. And in this post I am going to show you the differences between them.