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Paste Image from clipboard onto Visual Studio Editor : Video - Web Essential

In this article you will learn how to paste clipboard image onto Visual Studio Editor. Like we can paste clipboard image in MS-Word, it is possible to paste in Visual Studio Editor with the help of Web Essential Visual Studio Extension.

Image Optimization in Website - Web Essential

In this article you will learn about Image Optimization using Web Essential Visual Studio extension. You will learn how we can optimize individual image by right clicking on image file, how to optimize group of images in the folder, how to optimize image in CSS file and how to optimize Base64 Encode Image (dataUri) in CSS file.

Base64 Encode Image in Website - Web Essential

In this article you will learn about Base64 Encode Image, why we encode image and how it can improve website performance. We are going to make use of Web Essential which is a must have Visual Studio extension.

Display Images and its name, size before uploading to server by using FileReader - JavaScript File API

If you look at my previous post Single File Upload to Multiple File Upload , it display size of the file after upload.

Single File Upload to Multiple File Upload ASP.NET Web Forms

With ASP.NET File upload control we can only upload one file at a time while HTML5 has a good notion to upload multiple files at a time. Look at the animated image given below, which was the actual framework before HTML5 equivalent updates with ASP.NET 4.5 Framework.

Seeding ASP.NET Identity Database

In this post you will learn how to seed User’s Profile database tables (AspNetUsers and UserProfileInfoes, we created in last post) with dummy data.

Customizing User's Profile to add new fields in brand new database table

In this post you will learn how to customize User’s Profile and add new fields/properties/columns (FirstName, LastName and EmailID) in a brand new table with ASP.NET Identity System.

Customize User's Profile in ASP.NET Identity System

Note: You should read this post instead, I found below walkthrough will not work on ASP.NET Identity 2. I will re-work on this post soon. In this post you will learn how to customize User’s Profile and add some more fields like FirstName, LastName, EmailID etc with ASP.NET Identity System. In my last post I listed some of the great new features introduced with Identity system .

ASP.NET Identity System in Visual Studio 2013 - New Feature

In this post you will learn about a very new enhancement in ASP.NET Framework technologies (MVC, Web Forms, Web Pages, Web API and SignalR) known as ‘ASP.NET Identity System’ with the release of Visual Studio 2013. This enhancement well defines the meaning of ‘One ASP.NET’, because this can be used with all ASP.NET Framework technologies more easily than before.

Hands on ASP.NET GridView - eBook by me

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that C# Corner (MindCracker Community) have combined my 25 Articles on GridView series and published as an eBook with the title "Hands on ASP.NET GridView".

I Am Now The Published Author of Instant Razor View Engine How-To

I am happy to announce the release of my book ‘ Instant Razor View Engine How-To ’, published by PACKT; and now available at Amazon for purchase. Click on the image to enlarge. Amazon: Packt Publication: Like us on Facebook here:

Quick Search, Replace and Navigate in Visual Studio IDE (A Must Read Post)

I would call this post as Tips/Tricks post because this post contains information about Visual Studio IDE features. I can see large number of developers are not familiar with these features. So, I thought writing a blog post collecting searching, replacing and navigating tips which is vital to happy and productive.

HTML Encoding in MVC

One of the best feature in Razor view engine that I like most is ‘HTML Encoding’. In many cases (like a comment form on blog) we receive the data from users and he may be trying to victimize us by sending some malicious scripts causes cross-site script injection attacks (aka XSS attack).

MVC Bind Attribute like [Bind(Exclude = "Name")] or [Bind(Include = "Address, Payment, EmailID")]

When we have an ASP.NET MVC View that accepts user input and posts those inputs to a server we have the option to use the built-in Model-binding features to provide more control and security, we can restrict the properties that are allowed to be bound automatically.

Creating ASP.NET WebApplication/ASP.NET MVC Application Membership Database on SQL Server rather than LocalDb

I was asked this question from one of my blog reader: How can a DB be created in SQL Server rather than locally (LocalDb) which is default?

How to copy text from one textbox to another using jQuery blur

Here is a questing I received Hi Help me on jquery blur event I need to copy data from one textbox to another textbox.

Browse With Option (Set Multiple Defaults) in Visual Studio 2012

In Visual Studio 2012 we got some really exciting new features. And setting multiple defaults to browse with option is one of them. So, watch the video and see how it really works.

Media Only Queries in CSS3 / @media only screen and (max-width: 900px) { attributes; }

If you remember, CSS2 added support for the media="screen" way of defining which stylesheet to use for which representation of the data. Now CSS3 added a new feature to this functionality, by adding media queries. Basically, this means you can change stylesheets or styles on the web page based on for instance the width and height of the viewport/browser.

The type 'System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'System.Data.Entity, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'

Today, I was developing an web application, I got titled error. I decided to post the fix for this.

ASP.NET Session States in SQL Server Mode (Session State Story)

A session is defined as the period of time that a unique user interacts with a Web application. Active Server Pages (ASP) developers who wish to retain data for unique user sessions can use an intrinsic feature known as session state. Programmatically, session state is nothing more than memory in the shape of a dictionary or hash table, e.g. key-value pairs, which can be set and read for the duration of a user's session.

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